Better Bird Farm

Better Bird Farm is a small family-owned poultry concern in Melbourne, Florida. Our fresh products are available to the local community and we strive to produce the best quality chicken you've ever tasted.

Our mission is simple: "To provide our neighbors with a reliable source of premium-quality farm-fresh food, and do so in the natural and humane manner that they expect."

We live in an age where our population is fed by 'factory grown' (and processed) chicken, and we are often asked what makes us different than the 'Big Chicken' you find on the shelves in the average grocery store.  The answer is simple.  We raise a better bird...

Natural Is Better

All of our chickens are raised on a 100% natural feed, custom designed to our specifications. All feed ingredients are no-animal-by-product and non-GMO. All water given is naturally sourced and the poultry we sell are never administered any medication; antibiotics or otherwise.

Humane Is Better

We recognize our responsibility. We know it's important that the animals raised for your table are treated in a compassionate manner. We guarantee our livestock is properly cared for and treated humanely from the moment they come into our custody.

Farm-Fresh Is Better

We guarantee freshness by processing your poultry the same day we we deliver to you. That's freshness you won't find in any store.